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Call to Action!

$50 Million by 2025
Call to Action to Philanthropy

Collectrify: A Frontline-Led Energy Fund, which moves money and power to decarbonize buildings and create healthier communities, has issued a call to action to philanthropy to raise $50M by 2025 to accelerate a just clean energy transition. 

Collectrify envisions that the strength, knowledge, and wisdom of our community are fully realized and continue to grow when frontline organizations have easy access to and capacity built with the resources, skills, knowledge, and power they need to create deep change. 


Collectrify places the needs and priorities of frontline communities first. This means that Collectrify’s funding priorities are set by the community practitioners and justice leaders it resources. This orientation and commitment ensure that the necessary resources are available for frontline and environmental justice leaders to enhance their capacity to achieve their vision of needed changes. This is a distinct value that Collectrify has in the building decarbonization landscape. Collectrify’s focus is on deep capacity building in limited-wealth communities and communities of color so that they are leading on the policies and solutions impacting their communities.

Please join us by contacting us here.

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$50 Million Call to Action

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