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Learning Community Collaboratory

Collectrify believes we are stronger together. We practice this by convening grantee and community partners at least every two months via the Learning Community Collaboratory (LCC).

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Founding Collectrify Governance Assembly member Cecil Corbin-Mark coined the name "Collaboratory," or Collaborative Laboratory, for this national community space. The ultimate goal of the Collectrify Learning Community Collaboratory is to create new models and tools for addressing climate, health, and energy challenges in ways that center people and communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

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The LCC is a unique space in the building decarbonization movement. It is a place where frontline, environmental justice, and equity partners come together to build connections, knowledge, skills, relationships, and collective power. It connects allies from adjacent movements – e.g.: water quality and rights, tenant protections, public health, and consumer protection – to work together to achieve transformational change in equitable building electrification. The Learning Community Collaboratory seeks to: 


  • Build relationships and connections among established and emergent groups;

  • Learn “what works” via open space sharing and featured presentations;

  • Stretch participants’ understanding of the interconnected issues that exist within the scope of equitable building electrification; and

  • Share solutions that work through training, technical assistance, and tools. 

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LCC topics stem from needs identified by our partners and have included: making use of program and funding enabled by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act, hearing stories about organizing and policy development led by grantees, and discussing collaborative work products being developed by LCC members.

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