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Three Pillars

Through our three core organizational pillars - drive resources to the frontlines, facilitate collaborative learning, and foster participatory grantmaking - we are building alignment and momentum across various touchpoints in the equitable building electrification movement.


Collectrify places the needs and priorities of frontline communities first. This means that Collectrify’s funding priorities are set by the community practitioners and justice leaders it resources. This orientation and commitment enhance the capacity of frontline and environmental justice leaders to achieve their vision of needed changes. 

Pillar 1: Drive Resources to the Frontlines

Provide capacity building resources to grassroots, frontline, and base-building organizations and leaders in communities of color and low-income communities to support their self-determined priorities.

Pillar 2: Facilitate Collaborative Learning

Facilitate collaborative thinking and learning to equitably decarbonize the built environment. 

Pillar 3: Transform Philanthropy Through Grantmaking Partnerships with Community

Center people and equity in building decarbonization. Shift who philanthropy is funding to lead on climate, energy, and housing. Lead with the Jemez Principles and Principles for a Just Transition to be an agent for change. Build relationships between philanthropy and frontline leaders. Create transparency in philanthropic priorities and accountability to the frontlines.

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