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Collectrify centers equity and people in the removal of fossil fuels from buildings and communities by giving resources to grassroots, frontline, and base-building organizations and leaders in communities of color and low-income communities to support their self-determined priorities. We seek solutions that can transform the balance of power in the ownership and distribution of energy production, energy infrastructure, and housing.


Environmental justice principles are the foundation upon which all of our work is built. They are the basis for our organizing and for building community and collective power. These values and principles served as the north star for the climate, environmental, and housing justice leaders who founded Collectrify because they elevate what we know and believe to be true: the pathway to equitable building electrification starts with strategies that serve our most vulnerable community members and center their leadership and self-determination.

Collectrify provides resources to local partners to create pathways to move beyond our current fossil-fuel based economy, and to develop healthy, livable housing; family-sustaining, clean-energy jobs; and community-driven, equitable economic opportunities.

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