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Partner Leadership

Collectrify: A Frontline-Led Energy Fund centers equity and people in the removal of fossil fuels from buildings and communities by giving resources to grassroots, frontline, and base-building organizations and leaders in communities of color and low-income communities to support their self-determined priorities.


Through our three core organizational pillars - drive resources to the frontlines, facilitate collaborative learning, and center people and equity in building decarbonization by building relationships between philanthropy and frontline leaders through our participatory grantmaking model - we are building alignment and momentum across various touchpoints in the equitable building electrification spaces to achieve our Vision for 2030.


2030 Vision: We all live in communities that are healthy, affordable, and self-sustaining because residents on the frontlines of the climate crisis have livable housing, pollution-free renewable clean energy and equitable economic opportunity driven by deep democracy.


The following is a summary of the strategies being led by Collectrify partners across the country and select efforts and successes from the past year.

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