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Melissa Gavin
Chief Executive Officer


As RE-AMP’s Chief Executive Officer, Melissa is responsible for overseeing all programs and operations of the RE-AMP Network, and guiding the Network toward its North Star goal of equitably eliminating greenhouse gas emission in the Midwest by 2050. ​


Previous to becoming Chief Executive Officer for the RE-AMP Network, Melissa served as co-director for the RE-AMP Organizing Hub, which has a mission of boosting campaign excellence in the RE-AMP Network.  Through her work in the RE-AMP Organizing Hub, she has focused on helping climate advocates in the Midwest take a thoughtful, systems level approach to climate campaigns through campaign planning and power analysis. Melissa also previously served as the Executive Director of the State Environmental Leadership Program (SELP), a national network of environmental advocacy organizations seeking to help its members become smarter, more powerful and better run so they could be even better advocates for the environment.  She holds a Master of Public Affairs degree with a focus on nonprofit management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from Florida International University in Miami, Florida.  Melissa lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband, kids, garden, chickens and beehives. Melissa enjoys contra dancing although is not particularly good at it, and is slightly uncomfortable referring to herself in the third person.

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