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Concerned Citizens of Charles City County (C5) is working to ensure low-income and BIPOC, rural, underinvested communities have access to clean, safe, and affordable electric power in their homes by promoting energy efficiency and equitable building electrification. C5’s Barnetts Learning and Conceptual Complex (B.L.A.C.C.) centers around environmentally conscious jobs, including electrical work (for solar installation and service), mechanical work (for geothermal systems), weatherization, energy efficiency, and building electrification. United Parents Against Lead (UPAL) created the first electrified and solar-powered community resiliency hub in Virginia. UPAL is using community-led implementation to advance building electrification in the Heights of Petersburg, Virginia. The Hub also serves as a replicable model for other communities. UPAL offers green jobs training so that community members can participate in the growth of the hub and community sustainability. UPAL offers training in healthy homes, weatherization, lead remediation, and solar panel installation.

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